Wednesday, August 31

Tee Teaser

We at zushk love wearing t-shirts. So many other people I know swear by them and never wear anything else. (C, you know who I am talking about!!!) While that is taking it a tad too far, tees can totally define who a person Is, by their sheer directness. All you need on them is a face, a line or sometimes, a whole gamut of patterns. 

Some of the tees we did are posted here. They include painted as well as printed ones. We have custom-designed ones, simple ones, loud ones and those that mean something. We can do  personal, corporate, event tees, tees for dates, interviews and for when you are just so dang bored of dresses / shirts!! 

So in case you want some, contact


  1. the chappal is my fav! :)

  2. well!! a lot of people love it too :)