Wednesday, August 31

the shades of teamwork

Some time before the Bamboo Wall happened, we did some paper related work for a friend’s place of work – an executive coaching company that does psychometric assessment, leadership development and other awesome sounding stuff. One of these projects was to create “commitment cards” for the participants of a senior-level leadership development program. This workshop, with topics of collaboration, team bonding and team commitment, included a task where each participant had to write down one thought they would commit to in the session. Each of these was to be written on a card that had one of the workshop themes depicted on it – via art! Enter zushk.

We took the themes and visualized what they looked like as figures, shapes, colors and things. So team collaboration became pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and team spirit became intertwining hands and stars.

Once the participants had used up their cards, they were collected by the trainers and later mailed back to the writer as part of the follow up. This practice is often used in leadership level programs in the corporate world.


  1. i liked the 'elephant' symbolism considering it was a sr level meet.... :)....which one did the client finally accept? or were all used as part of the program?

  2. Hi Dipti!
    The client picked up the "jigsaw", the "stars" and the "smiley happy people"